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Sales training

For improved sales performance

What is Sales Training? Training and perfecting sales techniques help sales advisors improve their sales performance. This means that our trainers and consultants – specialists in sales – support sales teams in developing a sales method, preparing them for sales meetings, equipping them with key negotiation skills and encouraging their winning spirit.
The various modules in our sales courses provide training in professional situations, and the role of the manager is at the core of this. All our courses are designed to a 3-step process: Learn, Practise, Perform.
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Our Sales training brochure

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5 training modules


The basics of B2B and B2C sales performance


Sales: performing at a distance


Boost your sales with active recommendations


Master sales negotiation techniques


Boost your telephone skills

3 things we believe you need for successful Sales training

01. Place your sales ambitions at the very core of your development

We believe that a personal skills enhancement programme is above all one of change management… it requires changing habits, ingraining new instincts and embarking on the long term without altering the strategic approach. And for that you need to:

  • Start with your customers’ expectations so you can give them MEANING
  • Identify the key actions that all your employees should master in order to meet those expectations: focus on the how before talking about the how much
  • Measure up your ambitions and get your sales managers on board

02. Adopt a performance-oriented mindset

We believe that sales performance goes beyond learning good practices and methods; it is above all a STATE OF MIND. To develop your sales, we believe you have to:
Involve your managers as a priority: “They are your sales coaches in the field”.
Spread a culture of training and practice into everyone’s daily life: frequent, short, fun, for everyone, all the time
Make the link between the skills enhancement programme and sales performance

03. Choose a different approach to your training! #NGT

By offering a Next Generation Training experience #NGT

  • Surprising
  • Involving
  • Placing training at the core of our courses

And training strategies that

  • Provoke
  • Motivate
  • Encourage change
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Do you already have your Sales training content?

Discover our digital solutions to make your training more visual, more readable and easily understandable. Our teams, educational engineers and consultants will recommend the format best suited to your needs: our Storiz LCMS, customised platforms, MOOCs, videos, training simulator Skillgym, and more.

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