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Management Training

Turn your managers into supermanagers: coach manager, hybrid manager, leader manager…

Our Management Training brochure

Develop your managerial skills with our 9 training modules


Position yourself in the role of manager


Excel in the art of feedback


Become a coach manager


Boost performance through coaching


Remote management


Develop your leadership


Unleash talent through feedback meetings


Engage and showcase a team


Boost your management practices among your peers

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Our educational biases in management training

How do we train?

Blended learning courses combining dynamic, short and high-impact formats

A variety of synchronous/asynchronous and group/individual teaching methods

Practice training that is as close as possible to operational realities to ingrain those instincts

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The keys to successful Management Training  

A co-constructed training programme

Managers at the heart of the training system

Digitalizing and individualising to perform

Tracking key indicators and measuring effectiveness

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Do you already have your Management training content?

Discover our digital solutions to make your training more visual, more high-impact, and memorable. Our teams, educational engineers and consultants will recommend the format best suited to your training goals: our Storiz LCMS, customised platforms, MOOCs, videos, training simulator Skillgym, and more…

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