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Customer Relations and Satisfaction Training

So that customer relations can be a commercial performance lever

Customer relations are the main differentiating factor for brands, ahead of price and product quality. Placing the customer at the centre of the experience requires a global effort from companies. Knowing how to differentiate, develop and adapt a customer posture through active listening and empathy is an essential lever for creating the “Customer Preference”.

The various modules of our Customer Relations training courses provide a common ground for those expected relational postures, enabling easier customer relations management and thus a move from “advisor/manager” to “project partner” with more proactivity, more agility and more efficiency.

On the way to interpersonal excellence with our trainers!

Our blended learning Customer Relations training brochure

Succeeding in customer relations and customer satisfaction takes interpersonal excellence.

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7 training modules


Customer relations and customer satisfaction: the basics


Customer relations and customer satisfaction: proactivity


Preventing and dealing with complex situations


Knowing each other better so we communicate better


Knowing each other better so we communicate better


Launching a remote customer satisfaction operation


Perfecting your professional writing style to customers

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What we believe turns customer service into customer excellence

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Adopting a customer-oriented mindset

We believe that customer relations goes beyond learning good practices and methods; it is above all a state of mind. To develop interpersonal excellence and therefore the customer portfolio, we believe that employees should:

  • Commit to their customers: think Customer Experience first and foremost and commit to the Company within and without.
  • Reinforce key service attitudes: adopt a welcoming, listening, efficient and committed attitude.
  • Think about the customer journey: include the key moments in the customer’s life in an overall customer satisfaction journey.


Staying ahead of customer expectations 

Because behaviours and consumption patterns are constantly evolving, it is important to strive to stay ahead of these changes.

  • Customer behaviours are in full transformation, especially the omni-channel aspect, with a lot to learn about remote customer relations.
  • The customer experience, both face-to-face and remote, is a key differentiator
  • Establishing a service culture that strives for interpersonal excellence

Our educational ambitions for Customer Relations performance

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A blended learning course

  • with digital elements
  • with long-distance learning (virtual classes – duration 2 to 3 hours) and/or face-to-face classes, depending on the subject and the public health situation
  • with collective and individual work.


Active teaching

  • Encouraging discussion between employees and managers around interpersonal excellence
  • Putting our learners in real-life situations so they can debrief collectively and adjust their postures/gestures/practices.


A modular approach

Depending on the needs that are discussed and the situations encountered on a daily basis.


Spaced out over time

Approximately 2 days for each module spaced out over 2 to 3 months (depending on holidays) with practical applications, the key to changing our interpersonal posture.

Our Customer Relations training methods

Customised courses

An enhanced educational experience thanks to Blended Learning

Social learning to keep people at the heart of the training system

Video available to comply with current data protection laws

Sound to vary the teaching methods and keep the learner surprised

Gamification to boost engagement

Open education and multi-device capabilities for easier access to training

Emotional investment to ensure learning is enjoyable and our teaching methods take root

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Educational biases in our Customer Relations training

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Engaging employees

Giving meaning to their training courses and staying as close as possible to their reality in the field

Involving management

Throughout the stages of their employees' training, with actions to be carried out in the field

Monitoring progress and performance

Through the collation of information and the tracking that you wish to manage

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Do you already have your Customer Relations training content?

Discover our digital solutions to make your training more visual, more readable and easily understandable. Our teams, educational engineers and consultants will recommend the format best suited to your needs: our Storiz LCMS, customised platforms, MOOCs, videos, unique training simulator Skillgym, and more.

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