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Train with a difference

Sales, Management, Customer Relations and Soft Skills courses to train up your teams.

Our training courses

Discover our 4 areas of expertise and try Next Generation Training!
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Improve the performance of your sales teams

Sales methods (B2B, B2C), sales posture, prospecting, market entry, customer retention, rebound, negotiation, recommendations, social selling…

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Turn your managers into the leaders of tomorrow

Leader, coach… as agile as you like! Change management: feedback, one-on-one interviews, collaborative management.

The basics of management: delegation, conflict management, prioritisation, smart objectives, time management…

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Develop exceptional interpersonal skills within your teams

Customer culture and satisfaction, interpersonal posture and attitudes, understanding omni-channel customer relations, selfcare and the customer journey.

The basics of customer relations: securing customer appointments, handling difficult calls, telephone posture, inbound and outbound calls, emailing strategies…

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Make your growth objectives a reality with soft skills

Develop the behavioural skills of your employees through individual development.

Discover the 1st Streaming Training platform, 100% dedicated to the development of Soft Skills.

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Bizness trains


learners per year


hours completed per year

Source: Figures taken from the educational and financial reports for the period April 2020 – March 2021

Learner satisfaction

Overall course satisfaction*: score 4.1/5

Overall satisfaction with the trainer’s understanding of the subject*: score 4.1/5

* Opinion of 471 learners asked directly by the Bizness Group between February and June 2021.

Combining competence and performance

At Bizness, we know that training is a lever for growth. Why? Because our expertise in next generation Education inspires a commitment to learn and a spirit of participation and collaboration among our teams.


As a Blended Learning training organisation specialising in Sales, Management, Customer Relations and Soft Skills, Bizness teaches so that you can develop your skills and meet your ROI objectives.


How? With our combination of a high level of expertise in learning technologies – interactivity, artificial intelligence, adaptive learning, machine learning – and innovative teaching formats: mini-games, virtual interviews, multimodal platforms…

Our NGT®* promise: Experience for Performance!

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No more repetitive training

Stand out with the skills enhancement programme

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Theory is good… Practice is better

Choose your own path

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Our training is ROI

Regular practice training is a lever for skills enhancement

Let’s train…. while we perform

Evaluating together, a real added value

Enjoy learning

Enjoy training and being trained as the co-creator of both the courses and solutions of tomorrow

* New Generation Training

Choose your own path

Our pedagogical innovations are designed to offer learners a personalised training programme where knowledge is an ongoing process and the operational impact of learning ever-increasing so that your experience goes way beyond just an intellectual one.

At the end of Bizness training courses, learners understand how to improve their day-to-day performance at work: “Experience for Performance”. We can make this promise thanks to our 3-step training process: “I learn, I practise, I perform”.

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