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Transforming and modernizing training

Our training modernisation solutions for skills and education workers

When training modernisation becomes a necessity

The training sector is undergoing a major change: new learner expectations, new ways of delivering training, new professions…
A triple revolution is underway for Training and Education professionals: a strategic revolution, a pedagogical revolution and a digital revolution! The way we learned yesterday no longer applies today. The challenge for skills professionals is to adapt their educational approach to the changing needs of learners.
The Bizness Group’s ambition is to support training organisations and the worlds of teachers and teaching, trainers and training with this transformation by way of our firm belief in the reconciliation of the best of the human and digital worlds.

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Let’s transform training

To facilitate the educational transformation, we have developed a Training Modernisation Solution, serving the skills of trainers and teachers in France. It mobilises a multidisciplinary team of experts – Educational Manager, Digital/Innovation Manager and Training Coach – to transform and modernise training organisations. These Next Generation Training representatives employ a strategic and operational system to increase the efficiency of the training system:

Consulting: strategic support for training modernisation

Bizness supports Training Organisations and Apprentice Training Centres with their modernisation initiatives.
The objective of this consultancy is to identify educational biases at the heart of the transformation.
• To assess your organisation and make recommendations
• To rethink visions, set goals, determine resources and deadlines
• To co-construct a realistic and ambitious roadmap and involve teams in the transformation process
• To support the implementation of the roadmap.

Skills enhancement requires trainers to be trained in educational innovation

Bizness actively contributes to the transformation of training by mobilising educational innovation, teaching resources and digital tools to unveil and upscale the talents of tomorrow. In order to conduct a modernisation project, Bizness has designed 6 training courses brought together in one platform:
1. Designing blended learning systems
2. Boosting your digital learning expertise
3. Facilitating New Generation Distance Learning courses
4. Supporting learners in work-based situations
5. Measuring skills and evaluating training performance
6. Develop your Next Generation Training business.

Some feedback from our learners participating in the “New Generation Designers and Trainers” course*.

  • Did the course content meet the objectives set? Score 4.1/5
  • Were the teaching methods appropriate? (choice of workshop format, one-on-one support, etc.) Score 4.3/5
  • Did the pace suit you (duration of sequences, balance of one-on-one/group time, etc.)? Score 4.1/5
  • Did the training consultant’s expertise enable you to progress? Score 4.3/5
  • What overall score would you give the support you were given? Score 4.2/5

* Opinion expressed by 645 learners, from February to June 2021.

Tools to hybridise educational experiences

Bizness equips Training Organisations with innovative tools in order to provide them with new business practices that bring out the best in people and digital technology.

  • Adopting a comprehensive approach to digitalisation
  • Choosing the right tools for the education goals of the training module
  • Taking charge of the right digital tools
  • Creating and distributing New Generation Training courses.

What our training modernisation in the Occitania Region looks like…


Consultants involved in the project


Training organisations and centres supported by Bizness


Trainers supported by Bizness

Placing their trust in us

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