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Educational platforms

A unique entry point for dynamic, personalised and centralised training. Optimise your teams’ training pathways.

Concepts and objectives

The digital platform is a space where all your educational content is concentrated. A key to success in getting your teams on board.



  • Having a unique point of entry to your training space
  • Giving meaning and a sense of logic to your training pathways
  • Learning at their own pace



  • Measuring learner performance
  • Steering their skills development
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We create 4 types of educational platform

Facilitation platform

Inform and facilitate your strategic plan in complete autonomy

Learning platform

Centralise and manage training pathways

Practice training platform

Launch challenges for your learners

Management platform

A key training and remote coaching tool

With 5 areas of expertise

Educational advice

Helping you determine, clarify and understand your project


Each project comes with a structural and functional mock-up so you can plan in detail


Our designers and web designers work hard to create a dynamic, pleasant environment that aligns with your corporate identity


Each digital project is technically developed by our start-up Jump® and its full-stack experts


To ensure the long-term future of your tool, a department within Jump® will take care of maintenance requirements

The strengths of our (your) platforms

Online use

Secure connection

Tracking data



Optimised bandwidth

Dedicated hosting

Multi-device capability

Back Office access

Scalable & sustainable

Web Friendly

A multi-user web platform

For optimal use, the Up platform has various features like user tutorials, a training area for managing your courses, viewing and access statistics and a content library.

Create and digitalise your content with a simple, fast and intuitive LCMS