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Storiz: the Next Generation Teaching LCMS

The art of better training with Storiz, the LCMS from Groupe Bizness

Discover Storiz, the 3-in-1 LCMS

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Create content with Storiz Back-Office


Disseminate training modules with Storiz Front-Office


Liven up your courses with Board Hybrid by Klaxoon

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What does Storiz Back-Office do?

The interface allows you to create your digital and interactive training modules that can be exported in a web or SCORM format.

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What does Storiz Front-Office do?

The interface allows you to manage your training courses, distribute your adaptive & hybrid courses, organise and plan your training courses, monitor your learners and their progress, and measure the effectiveness of your training.

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What does Board Hybrid by Klaxoon do?

The facilitation tool that balances out the discussions and exchanges between teams both in person and remotely so that they’re as efficient as possible.

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A simple, fast and intuitive LCMS

With Storiz, easily create digital training modules whatever the level of digital maturity.
Design customised content, 100% independent, 100% efficient.

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A LCMS created by and for the artisans of skill

Storiz is a tool that has been designed to teach above all else.
It’s an LCMS created to fulfil specific creative needs when it comes to content creation: scenario making, interactivity and appeal.

Multidimensional support

  • Educational support for sharing best practices in Digital Learning and guaranteeing the educational progress of your learners.
  • Product support with your initial introduction to and configuration of the teaching tool.
  • Consultancy support to monitor your experience.
  • Technical support to provide first-level answers (features)

Your peers’ opinions on our next generation teaching LCMS

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" LCMS Storiz was born out of our expertise as a trainer and listening to what our customers needed. Each feature
was developed to meet a training need. Our teams designed the LCMS to have simple, interactive content-creating capabilities, where trainers can customise almost anything with full autonomy. "

Élodie ELGARESIE,Business Intelligence Manager
Elodie Elgaresie

FAQs: your questions about our Storiz LCMS.

What is an LCMS?

Digital learning has given rise to a number of tools. Learning Content Management Systems are tools used for educational design. They allow you to create and manage your educational material. They provide:

  • A building block for creating training content
  • A space where teacher- or engineer-created learning content can be centralised, easily accessed and reused at any time.

In short, an LCMS is a platform dedicated to the creation, storage and distribution of learning content.

An LCMS is uniquely designed for training experts or coordinators to manage their various content. Learners don’t have access to it, but the administrator can track statistics and viewing data for performance analysis and training improvement purposes.

Is that any clearer?

I already have an LMS, why do I need Storiz?

The LMS – Learning Management System – is your tool for managing and distributing resources and teaching materials. It enables you to remotely disseminate learning content. It also allows you to organise your learners’ pathways (the sequencing of training modules) and to monitor their progress thanks to the collected data, such as assessment scores or time spent on certain tasks. But you are not in control of the content.

Storiz includes a content creation function: Back Office. There you can create and modify content with full autonomy. You gain in agility.

You can create materials on Storiz and distribute them via your LMS thanks to the SCORM export function.

Trust in Storiz

What is the educational advantage of Storiz?

Storiz was designed alongside our training teams. Trainer expertise was essential in developing an LCMS that would meet the needs of those involved in skills development. Storiz allows you to create training pathways. You can design the sequencing, meaning you choose the order of the modules and the conditions of access to them. Designing a course means you determine the progression of skills: what educational progression do you want for the learner?

This is why Storiz is the first new generation teaching LCMS.

I want to customise my content, can I do this with Storiz?

Yes, with Storiz Back-Office you can use the visual elements from your corporate branding such as font and colour. You can also integrate background frames and photos from your internal image libraries. Our LCMS allows you to create customised visuals.

There are 2 ways to personalise your content:

  • Do it yourself using Back Office.
  • Tell us about the design support that you need. Our dedicated creative department will take care of the production side of things.

Easy, no?

How will I manage adding my users?

If you have activated your Storiz licence, simply add your users, your pool of learners.  There are 3 ways to add to and alter your list:

  • Manual registration via Back Office by the administrator. Simply ask our Customer Success Managers (Thomas and Apolline) for help with this.
  • En mass registration via an xls or csv file import.
  • Registration via an API, i.e. connecting the HRIS database to Storiz. You’ll need a development quote for this option.

So… 1, 2 or 3?

What visibility can I have to monitor my learners?

Thanks to Storiz Front-Office, you can monitor the platform’s viewing and access trends as well as training trends such as time spent on certain tasks and learners’ results. Our LCMS also offers operational monitoring of each session and each learner. Above all, it allows you to monitor the development of their skills!

What support do you offer?

Behind Storiz there is a business intelligence manager, a product owner, developers, customer success managers, an education department and a creative department, to name a few. We are able to provide complete support suited to your needs: teaching advice, technical advice, tutorials, documentation, and more. Our LCMS is the best of both the human and the digital worlds.

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