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Digitalizing training

Creating your own course with digital learning

Digital learning by Bizness means above all working on the basis of customer objectives, taking into account the learners’ profiles and the educational objectives set. Digital learning by Bizness does not mean offering a 100% remote training course (virtual classes) or online training, but rather integrating digital technology using tools and skills into our expert-designed training modules. Digitising a training course involves combining digital teaching methods and formats to align them with the established educational culture. Digitising a training course is a tripartite relationship between content with high educational value, an engaging learning experience and an appealing format. Are you convinced? Say YES to digital training by Bizness!

Our conviction: digital learning is digital teaching

Digital training is above all an educational process

Training methods have evolved and companies and training organisations are digitising, so Bizness has used its arsenal of innovative tools to offer a unique range of digital learning options to help reinforce the independence and engagement of our learners. The training teams here at Bizness recommend the use of digital technology to ensure a fulfilling and refreshing learning experience. Using technology for training must serve an educational purpose and should and not be just for show, or because it’s fashionable. Digital learning is much more than online training or digital tools: it is above all a question of educational skill. The technology facilitates the education, not the other way around.

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Educational scenario making at the heart of digital training

Here at Bizness we believe that training content cannot be digitised without teaching expertise, and we capitalise on the best of human and digital skill. How? We use educational scenario making, which acts as a link between the teaching, your objectives and your learners. The content of a digital training course must be designed according to a strong educational logic that enables learners to go from saying “I’m learning” to “I’m performing”.

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Bizness deploys innovative services and tools to reinforce the independence and engagement of learners

Storiz, the first New Generation Teaching LCMS, 100% made in France, by Bizness Group

Digital Capsules
Learniz, (MOOC by Bizness), simulator, escape games, mini games, videos, podcasts…

Tailor-made multimodal educational platforms:

  • Facilitation platforms
  • Course platforms
  • Practice platforms
  • Management platforms.

Digital Learning FAQs

What is Digital Learning?

Digital learning is the use of digital tools to put into practice a set of learning methods to enable students to learn in a different way.
Digital training can’t be done without the help of a specialist who can share their knowledge, an educational engineer to design the storyboard, and a web designer or digital content creation tool, such as our LCMS.

What training requirements is Bizness digital learning able to fulfil?

A digital training project can take many forms and be scaled in different ways. Bizness pays particular attention to providing support that is in line with its customers’ projects and objectives. Whatever your training requirements, we will respond with a service that is adapted and calibrated to your specifications and expectations.

Can your tools or solutions be integrated into my current training interface?

Yes, because we help evolve practices whilst also respecting the way each company operates, without the need to revolutionize their environments.
Our digital capsules can be integrated into your existing platforms.
Our interactive videos can be viewed in your internal environments.

Why should you trust us with your digital training?

If you share our digital training vision, trust us to support you along your journey. Our vision can be summed up in 3 firmly held beliefs:

  1. Technology facilitates education: the choice of teaching tool is determined by the educational approach.
  2. Design-enhanced training content
  3. Educational scenario making is at the heart of digital learning: scenarios of various educational sequences help inform the choice of teaching tool.
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